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i fuckin' love this smiley

2012-02-08 19:02:57 by SolidLiquid


kind of sad..

2011-11-01 18:15:34 by SolidLiquid

make me happy NG...


crack music

2011-09-14 20:49:45 by SolidLiquid

Yes, That real black music


2011-01-02 03:23:50 by SolidLiquid


recomend me some music!

2010-07-22 23:56:53 by SolidLiquid

im trying to discover some great songs and bla bla bla, so can you recomend me some?

i usually like to listen to shit like
guns n roses
pearl jam- just the album "ten" though

and for rap

just Biggie smalls

anything you guys think id like?

worst case of high ever

2009-12-10 17:30:10 by SolidLiquid

i typed this high:
idk wtf the fuck wrong with the bud i smoked but its horrible every time i think i seems logical but then eveuantluy looked back which would be alot 247 exaterates the way im feeling makes me question my thought my past thought and make me think if it made sence or not was it reallity or im just thinking immagenery in its whem i put on a train of thought the thought eventually goes into it makes me think nothing made snce heatens the well im feeling ad makes me question what im doing i m laughing on why i whrite this that why im laughing makes me lauggh like HELL it made me felll and makes me fell like everything of what i thought of did and what im thinking overexagerated i i ahve this twitchy feeling and as i just wrote that it mkakes me question what i did and makes me feel like im asking myself should i or should i not but then i always choose to ignor it and keep on going of train of thought so then iits makes me thinks on should i go back and change it but i just go past itbut then when i look at something how its imposible then i realize that i should change back into reality and when i change into reality i m able to think but when i start thinknin and start thinkin on what im gonna type next while i type then i go back into my zone and go back into to questioning muself and then it goes on an explain able cycle that i even question if the cycle is real or not but then when i question if its real or i question after that and so on i even question on this right now im question everrrrrythi9ng ri9ght now now i questiopn if i should go back and remove those rrrrr but i dont feel liike it then i question if i should rethink that or why a m i writing anythingt at all then i just went into reality and think for at leasst a second for correction but it only last few seconds then i type on go back into the zone imn into the zone right now aas i type this now im not or at lewast i i think i did now how i just iomagined why i imagened how i would look and if i went zoning in and out i question if that was real then i now question if exagerating if that reeal or not now im thining if i should keep on writing and as i continue i dont know what i should do im gonna stop righting now its hard to stop cause i get a train of thought and cant stop typeing cause i want to type on what i want type next cause im tellling you what ijm doing thats why i swaer to ass now ima staop caus eif ell like and i wanna tell youyeahujin now i question if f

EDIT: i was a little off when i typed this i don't even remember what i typed and im not even going to bother reading it i didn't complete it cause if i did i wouldn't stop<p>%u2248%u2248%u2248</p>

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